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What Are the Benefits of Steel in Railroad Construction?

Do you know most of the railroad contractor companies rely on steel for rail construction projects? So, whether it is about constructing a new network or repairing an existing network, steel is the priority. But the question remains, why is it so?

Well, there are some specific objectives of a railroad project, such as the completion of the project on time, under budget and meeting safety standards. Steel products are prioritized because they help in reaching all these objectives. In this column, we will share some more information about the benefits of using steel in a railroad project.

  • It is budget-friendly

One of the main objectives of a railroad project is to deliver the best services within the allotted budget. It is challenging to use quality products as well as construct safe and efficient railway tracks in a given budget. Steel products ensure cost savings.

Steel components, like the ties and turnouts, can reduce costs over the lifecycle of the product. In the same way, steel ties are bundled for shipment to allow easy transportation to the project site. The steel turnouts also eliminate the demand for tie plates, turnout plates, spikes, anchors and screws. Overall, steel products save a lot of money.

  • It is safe

The steel turnouts hold a gauge over the life of a turnout which maximizes rail safety. It also provides strong, reliable support. Steel should be hard-wearing and resistant to cracking. This depends on selecting quality steel products. Good composition and quality ensure it will maximize the safety of the rail track.

  • It is environment-friendly

Creosote is a chemical that is harmful to the environment and people. Steel ties and turnouts eliminate the use of creosote, which makes it environment-friendly. Ties can also be made of recyclable steel, which is a great option. Whenever a steel product is no longer of use, it can be recycled and manufactured as a new product. So, the use of steel in railway tracks is also considered good for the environment.

Does railway rely on steel for its materials requirement?

Most rail track components are made of steel and it is used by railways for various material requirements, such as:

  • Rolling stock (locomotives, coaches and wagons).

  • Rail tracks.

  • Electric traction.

  • Infrastructure.

The bottom line

Now you know the many benefits of using steel products in a railroad project, you can understand why it is very important to use quality products in the construction of a railroad or railway track. It has to bear the weight of heavy and high speed trains. A little fault can be a heavy cost on property loss, and even the loss of human lives. Using quality products minimizes the risk and ensures the rail track is safe for the efficient movement of the train.

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