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How to Choose the Best Railroad Dispatch Training Provider to Become a Professional Dispatcher

Getting a job today demands not only a qualification but proper training in the respective field. So, if you want to become a railroad train dispatcher, it would be better if you receive the best training. However, make sure you choose the best professional dispatcher training provider.

There are certain features you need to look for to receive specialized training in railroad dispatch services. But before that, here’s a brief introduction to the role of a train dispatcher.

Responsibilities and role of a train dispatcher

All jobs demand responsible behavior but the train dispatching service has more in the bag. Your job as a dispatcher will be directly related to the lives of others. Any negligence can be detrimental to the safety of many. No one is trying to scare you but the purpose of telling you this is to help you understand the importance of the job profile.

Here are some of the essential things you will do after becoming a dispatcher:

  • Ensure the safety of crew and trains.

  • Make sure trains run without any delays.

  • Prioritizing trains (if using the same track, determine which train goes first).

  • Entering all train-related information into the system.

  • Clearing authorities to ensure trains are on time.

  • Avoiding trains running on the same track.

These are just a few responsibilities of a train dispatcher. During training, you will learn about many other challenges in an effortless way.

Things to consider before selecting railroad train dispatcher training

Your future on the railway depends on the exposure you get via training. Therefore, give importance to the following points before making a final call.


A future in this field demands you receive at least six months to one year of training. Usually during the first half of the training, you gain the theoretical knowledge in the field.

On-the-job training

Classroom knowledge is useless if you do not attain on-the-job (OTJ) training to build your skills and become acquainted with how a professional train dispatcher works. You will find many railroad contractor companies offer training for dispatchers but Rail RCS is the best one because it is the country's only independent rail service provider.

Thorough knowledge of GCOR and NORAC rule sets

All listed railroad companies are expected to adhere to the General Code of Operating Rules (GCOR) and Northeast Operating Rules Advisory Committee (NORAC). Therefore, the training curriculum must include all previous and contemporary rules. This enables you to remain vigilant when performing your duties and follow all the protocols.

Skill testing

How will you know that you have become a skilled professional? Training is not the only answer but a proficiency test after its completion is. Therefore, opt for a training service provider who sets you a skill test after completing the training session.

If you are looking for railroad contractor companies that provide hands-on experience in the field of train dispatching service, Rail RCS is your destination. Get in touch for more clarity about training to become a train dispatcher.

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