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How Do Railroad Companies Manage Railroad Traffic?

The U.S. freight railroad network is one of the most advanced, developed railroad networks across the globe. Many people from outside the industry are often surprised when they hear that the U.S. railroad network is owned by private railroad companies.

According to the Association of American Railroads, there are 614 privately-owned freight railroad companies that move goods for thousands of customers across North America’s vast rail network. They need good management of railroad traffic to ensure the safe, efficient movement of railroad traffic to gain a competitive edge.

For that, they need professional freight dispatch services that provide railroad companies with experienced train dispatchers and advanced dispatch planning software to efficiently manage railroads, and that’s what we are going to discuss in this post.

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How do Freight Dispatch Companies Manage Railroad Traffic?

Railroad companies hire freight dispatch companies to manage railroad traffic. Private freight dispatch companies have teams of certified railroad or train dispatchers which offer railroad traffic management services to private railroad companies. They use advanced train dispatching software to effectively manage railroad operations.

Professional train dispatchers are trained on physical characteristics, hazardous materials, Federal Hours of Service laws, security awareness and various other important operational materials. It is very important to look for General Code of Operating Rules (GCOR) and Northeast Operating Rules Advisory Committee (NORAC) certified train dispatchers.

Professional freight dispatch companies not only offer train dispatching services but also compliance and customer services. They ensure the correct paperwork is issued and processed for railroad train crew employees, which ensures operations will run efficiently.

What is the Objective of Freight Dispatch Services?

The main objective of professional freight dispatch services is to direct and coordinate the safe movement of railroad traffic, minimize operational costs for railroad companies and improve networking efficiency.

Optimize Traffic Movement

Professional train dispatchers use advanced dispatch planning software to optimize train movement across the network. The software analyzes a range of factors, such as train schedules, speed restrictions and crew schedules, which help train dispatchers determine the best operating plan.

Minimize cost

Studies have shown that rail shippers today can move roughly twice the amount of freight for almost the same price paid in 1980. This is what efficient railroad traffic management can do. Professional freight dispatch services try to improve efficiency and productivity which helps railroad companies improve their bottom line.

Schedule maintenance

The maintenance of railroads is an ongoing task. Professionals keep computerized records of all the data, analyze it and schedule maintenance at optimal times, and in optimal places, so that shipments stay as close to schedule as possible. This helps avoid unnecessary delays and enables companies to improve their operational process.

If you are looking for professional train dispatchers to manage your railroad, hire our RailRCS professional certified train dispatchers who are currently managing short line railroads with over 1,475 miles of main track, from Atlantic to Pacific.

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