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Four Tips to Finding Good, Professional Train Dispatching Services

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

The role of train dispatchers is integral to ensuring the effortless and coordinated movement of railroad traffic. Plenty of resources are invested in the management of railroad traffic as both safety and finance are at stake. If you are looking to manage key operations of railroad dispatching professionally, with consistency, you need professional train dispatching services or a team of professional train dispatchers who are experts in train dispatching.

Professional Train Dispatching Services

In this post, we are sharing four key tips that will help you find good, professional train dispatching services.

1. Qualification

Train dispatching is a role where you need to be fully skilled, trained and an expert in managing railroad traffic. Look at the qualifications of train dispatchers you are appointing. GCOR and NORAC certification ensures that train dispatchers are trained on GCOR/NORAC operating rules, physical characteristics, hazardous materials compliance, security awareness, Federal Hours of Service laws and other important operational processes.

2. Experience

Once you are assured of the skills of train dispatchers, the next thing you need to ensure is their experience because there is a world of difference between learning about train dispatching in a classroom, and actually coordinating traffic from the control center. Look for professional railroad train dispatchers who have some experience under their belt; they will be better equipped to manage operations in unexpected situations.

3. Services

Railroad traffic management is a task that requires coordination of the various processes. Therefore, it is great if you partner with professional services that are well-aware of other processes related to railroad traffic management, such as compliance, billing and paperwork. This will help you gain additional insights on the movement of freight on railroads, which will result in efficient management by eliminating delays and last-minute surprises.

4. Commitment

Once you have measured your dispatching services on the technical aspects, it is time to find out what your partner stands for. Evaluate the values, ethics and core principles of their professional services. Good train dispatching services are available 24/7, 365 days a year, for their clients to efficiently manage the entire process.

Keep these four tips in mind when choosing professional train dispatching services.

You can also consider our RailRCS professional train dispatching services. We manage the 1,475 miles of track throughout the United States.


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