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Common Services Offered by Railroad Dispatching Services

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

The US railroad network is a vast. Primarily developed to haul freight, the US railroad network has expanded vastly in the past few decades to offer passenger services. Whatever the nature of rail traffic hauled on railroads, one thing every inch of railroad requires is the safe movement of railroad traffic. This is what railroad dispatching services are all about. It directs and coordinates the movement of railroad traffic on a specified territory from a central and/or regional location.

In this post, we will discuss the common services offered by railroad dispatching services.

Direct and Coordinate Rail Traffic

The primary duty of a rail dispatching company is to ensure the efficient movement of railroad traffic. Busy freight railroads require coordination among various channels for the smooth movement of the freight. Train dispatchers monitor all rail movements on assigned territory, directing and coordinating rail traffic. Your railroad dispatching company keeps track of scheduled trains, destinations, times of arrivals and departures, and plans in advance for a smooth, effective movement of priority trains to avoid unnecessary delays.

Ensure Compliance with Railroad Rules

Railroads are the cheapest way to haul freight overland. Thus, most industries try to utilize freight railroads to reduce shipping costs. This results in the hauling of hazardous materials and other dangerous components. A railroad dispatching company ensures the compliance of freight movement with railroad rules, procedures and regulations for safety.

Accident and Incident Reporting

Accidents are a common occurrence with railroad transportation. Railroad dispatching services provide accident and incident reporting services 24/7, 365 days a year. In case of any incident, your dispatching company informs the concerned authorities for immediate assistance. Swift actions and reports of alleged violations of operating rules are required.

Special Conditions

A railroad dispatching company also communicates with concerned personnel on the weather, any environmental conditions, scheduled maintenance or any physical changes in a track that can affect train movement. This saves time, prevents accidents and ensures cost-efficient movement.

Billing Services to Freight Customers

Many railroad contract services also offer billing services to freight customers that own freight railroads. This is an integral part of the business process as mistakes in billing result in massive losses. Rail dispatching services have advanced tools and systems for keeping records and billing operations.

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